Who we are.

The Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) is a registered human rights organisation under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1962.The organisation was established in November 2005 in order to address the needs and challenges of minority groups in Malawi  in the context of human rights, health and social development. Such minority groups are Prisoners, Sex workers and people in same sex relationship and any other such minority groups whose rights are often neglected.

What we do.

The main goal of CEDEP is to create a legally and socially accepting environment where minority groups have an improved livelihood. The organisation objectives are; to advance the human rights of minority groups through advocacy and lobbying, to promote human rights and health of minority groups through civic education, training, capacity building, networking and research, and provide support services for the improvement of the welfare of minority groups in accordance with their needs.

I have spoken against the injustice of apartheid, racism, where people were penalized for something about which they could do nothing, their ethnicity…I therefore could not keep quiet, it was impossible, when people were hounded for something they did not choose, their sexual orientation.
                                                           – Archbiship Desmond Tutu